Goals for the program

When compared to understanding the children who are playing it, understanding soccer is easy. Each age brings unique challenges. Emotional, physical and social development will vary a great deal within all players. While this variety poses a challenge to the coach there is one factor that will bring all of the children together, one element that will reach everyone - Kids want to have fun.

Enjoyment is the unifying motive.

Many dream of playing professional soccer, some might! Some will switch to different sports, while others, despite their soccer potential, will just drift away from the game. In spite of all of their different agendas, they all want to have fun and play the game! That is how they have come to this point in their soccer “careers.” They also want to be children. All too often the coach (or parents) sees them as an extension of their vision and they become puppets to it. The time spent at practice and at the games is a part of their childhood. It should not reflect the adult world. Some adults forget this, and it is quite often their expectations that take the fun out of their children’s experience.