Strikers United Junior Academy Introduction

The newly renamed Strikers United Junior Academy (Junior Strikers) has been established to deliver additional training opportunities for young soccer players (boys and girls in the U6 - U8 age groups). The primary focus of the program is technical development, however all four cornerstones of long term player development (Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychosocial) will be addressed using a structured development curriculum. Players should be highly motivated and prepared to work hard to attain a higher level of skills. Professional coaches from Strikers United will deliver the year round Junior Strikers training sessions.

Who is it for?

The program is aimed at players 5 - 8 years old who are looking for high performance training to enhance their soccer skills and techniques. To be part of the program, players will first have to be assessed and then invited into the program. The program is open to soccer players, from all towns. Players should already be motivated and prepared to work hard to attain a higher level of skills.

How do players get an invite?

For players in the Acton Boxborough Youth Soccer program - team coaches and/or division directors may nominate players for assessment. However players can only be invited into the program by the Director of Coaching, (DOC) or one of our professional development coaches (PDC’s). Players from outside Acton & Boxborough need to attend an evaluation session to be assessed. If your child is interested in the Strikers United Junior Academy please contact our Director of Coaching, Mitch Doherty.

What is it?

The Junior Strikers program is a “year round” program covering fall, winter and spring, and some pre-season fitness work in late summer. Sessions are typically structured as follows; Fall - 10 weekly sessions, Winter - 10 weekly indoor sessions one weekday evening in February and March, Spring - 10 weekly sessions, and late Summer - three 2 hour pre-season fitness and technical training sessions.
NOTES: 1. Additional program and events (not included in the registration costs) may be added throughout the year (i.e. Futsal, friendly games, jamborees, etc.) 2. Players invited into the program during winter or spring will have their fees pro-rated.

Who are the coaches?

Mitch Doherty, Acton Boxborough Youth Soccer and Strikers United Director of Coaching, will oversee and deliver the program. As the program grows, additional professional coaches from within the Strikers United program will assist in delivery of the curriculum.
Mitch Doherty holds an FFA “B” License, an English prelim certification, is an SAQ (speed, agility and quickness) trainer, and holds a Coerver skills certification. He has worked for the Mass Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) Olympic Development Program (ODP) as a head coach and as a coaching instructor. Mitch was recently named by MYSA as its 2013 Boys Competitive Coach of the Year. Mitch also coached the 2013 Boston Breakers College Academy team.

What are the costs?

Cost per player for the Strikers United Junior Academy is $750 per year. Broken down this works out to less than $18 per session – for a high level, challenging and structured development program.